April 13, 2005

In The Big House

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After two arduous, seven-day white-knuckle weeks, Kerry and I found a house.
Yes, it had been an exhausting and sometimes brutal ordeal but we finally – finally – have our place. A house. H-O-U-S-E. In Snoop: A hizz-ouse in tha hizz-ouse.

Two weeks. Never in a lentillion years would we have ever imagined it over that quickly. I expected weeks and weeks – months, maybe – of ups and downs and downs and downs. We always considered the odds were equal that it could happen in April just as easily as it could in September. Or next year. But neither of us were prepared for it to actually happen.

Item! Our house – in the middle of the street – is at 157 Lenore Street (above, not the greatest quality image, but it's all I've got for now). It was built in 1911. It has two stories with a tiny, single-room third floor and a front screened-in verandah. It has a parlor with a gas fireplace. A bathroom with two sinks – for teeth-brushing races (I dunno?). A yard. Two yards. I haven't had a yard for eleven years. Do people still have yards? I know there was a trend towards artificial turf in the early 90s. I think ours is natural.

My friend Stacey, a recent house-purchaser herself, asked me the other day if I had the "Oh Shit" feeling. And it's true. All week Kerry and I have slept poorly, ate crappily and have spent a great deal of time staring at each other.

But today is beautiful and sunny. I wrapped up the deadline-heavy spring issue of my magazine. And I'm about to become a homeowner. I've officially turned the "Oh Shit" feeling into a "Holy Shit" one.

We get to go inside – to live – in July.

So that calls for some props. Let the congratulations rain down!


Princesa de Chocolate said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on what seems to be the best investment of ones life... a home. You get to make it yours and identify by it. It looks like a great antique looking home. Those are hard to find and lot of $$$$ here in Arizona. :) Congratulations and the "Holy Sh*t" feeling will go away soon... I think.

jk said...

way to go dude. now you'll be needing a lawn mower, a hose and a ladder. (among many other things, those are the 3 that stuck out to me.) the months leading up to july will be the slowest months of your life!! when's the first party?!?

Jeope said...

Yeah, I should clarify: The "Oh Sh*t" feeling is the worrysome one. The "Holy Sh*t" feeling is the good one.

Dave said...

Congrats! I know both feelings well. Mrs. Dave's father works in a big bank in the commercial real estate division and knows all about the process etc. Turns out he couldn't have been a bigger hinderance in the purchasing process.

We took her parents along with us to look at our house again, just to have a more objective point of view on it. We had what is called a "Buyer's Advocate" or something, basically a real estate agent that represents the buyer in the process. When we were on our way out of the house, her dad says, in earshot of the agent, "Give 'em what they're asking." I could have shot him right there. To say the least our "buyer's advocate" turned out to be nothing more than the "seller's advocate" stoolie from that point on. I was so ticked (so was Mrs. Dave and her mom). Fortunately, we got the house, but it would have been nice to see if we could have gotten it for less.

Just do yourself a favor and don't watch the movie "The Money Pit." That was for putting Frankie Goes to Hollywood in my head...


devon said...

wow! congrats mi amiga. don't walk around neked cause the houses look really close together! (don't ask... found that out the HARD WAY.)now all you need is a TRACTOR!!!!!

Melissa said...

Yay!!! Congrats!!!!! That is so exciting and your house looks awesome! Such character!

After Rob and I found our perfect home (condo), we were so worried that something was going to go wrong with the deal. But we were worried over nothing and now we live in our dream condo! Sure, a yard would be nice, but at least I don't have to cut grass. :-)

Can't wait to see pics of the inside!

lew! said...

congrats there jeope!

old houses are great!
all kinds of character and obvious workmanship.
my sister has a 20's era house. and after some expensive wet basement repair, she has made it quite nice.

I must admit 2 years in a city has made me miss the whole lawn thing. But i can visit my parents and help with thier yard work.


lew! said...

so do you feel all grows up now?

Matt said...

I think one sink is supposed to be for goldfish & other decorative purposes.

The other one's actually for bathroomy stuff.

(!stargnoC¡ by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Your own home - There is no substitute. Sorry to steal a line from Porsche, but it's so true. The fun part is just beginning, redecorating, cleaning, landscaping etc...but it's all so worth it. Congrats again


Princesa de Chocolate said...

Okay so I misunderstood the terms, I thought one was worried and the other was worried to the power of 10. ;) So it's good that's not the case. Oh... yes please do get a ladder! I second JK's advice on that one.

**Hint... throw a house warming party**

Dave said...

Damn, I never even get close to 11 comments...

Allan L. said...

Big time props to you and Kerry for hooking this up! Congrats, big man!

maeengan said...

Cool! We'll start a frat house for the University of Winnipeg.

Disco room on the first floor. Hot tub in the back. Catwalk in the basement. And, theme rooms on the second floor (Jungle room, Roman room).

As for the top room, that'll be a secret.

Dave said...

DON'T READ THIS POST until after you've moved in!


Jeope said...

That's a dirty move, Dave - makin' me sit on that for three months.

But I'm gonna do it. Puttin' it in my calendar: Read. Dave's. Post.

Thanks, all! This is like, a comments record!