June 03, 2011


San Francisco | Fun this way! – by Connie Tsang, aka ardenstreet

I have a difficult time expressing just exactly what it is that makes me 'like' something. Take my time whiled away on Flickr since the summer of 2004 – it has taken nearly six and a half years to "favourite" 500 images on this site, a photo hub boasting well over five billion snaps. Now I am not a snoot; much like Ralph Wiggum, I like stuff – but my storehouse of Flickr favourites is a precious place. It's chockablock with now why didn't I think of that. Packed with I am not worthy. Stuffed with f**k that's funny.

Some pics don't make a lick of sense. There are illustrations flat out jaw-dropping or brain-jarringly simple. Most of all, there are 500 visuals that speak to me. Even while I can't describe to you why this is. But if you ever want to know me, check my 500 favourites.

Thanks, Flickr. Click here to view larger.

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Steph said...

I see my bee!!!