February 26, 2005

07: Pistachio Gun Nut Ice Cream

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My buddy of long standing Allan Lorde recently sent me a link to the Illustration Friday website – a fun place where people post their creations based on a weekly theme announced each Monday. I figured I might use it if I ever drew a blank as to what to do myself. Case in point, this week – so I checked the site out only to discover the theme for the week…was the word sorrow.

And I thought, well that ain't fun.

But I did swipe the concept for this doodle, based loosely on 'sorrow'. I wanted to show someone being too hard on himself over pretty much nothing – a habit I can be accused of having now and then. I sketched this guy out at work on Wednesday. I had difficulties drawing the gun, so I brought the sketch home on Thursday where I held a banana to my head in the mirror to see how to position the right hand. I then finished the doodle using FreeHand.


Allan L. said...

Your vector stuff is killer, dude. I hope you're feeling inspired: this week's topic is "jazz".

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Hey you! That's nice. I too take little things to the edge sometimes. I love the meaning behind it. In regards to your critique for my illustrator art... I wanted to know if you could email me. I have a few questions about your process of rendition for your vector art. [ pantone8100 at yahoo.com ] Maria/Luna Howie

Rebeccashane said...

Hey i didnt get a chance to check it out week of 'sorrow' but i love it! nice!