February 19, 2005

You Are Hearing Me Talk

this is an audio post - click to play


Allan L. said...

Heh...I gotta do one of these myself. It's been ages.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're sooo weird now for doing that j/k :o)!!! What kinda pizza did you end up making?

Jeope said...

It was a pizza made on a pita bread. Red pepper, tomatoes, some deli ham I had, pesto, bit of salsa, cheese. You know. Whatever-was-in-the-fridge pizza.

Who are you, 'nonymous? I tell you all about my pizza, I think I should know!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

HOW weird. Maybe I should do an audio post. Your voice sounds nothing like I imagined! It's a gentle peaceful voice. :)

BTW... Pizza Pita's are my favorites. Here's my top #1 Pizza Pita:

1 Pita
2 tbsp. of BBQ Sauce
4oz. of chickn' breast
1/4c. of shredded cheddar
Toppings... of your liking.

Place pita in pizza sm. pizza pan.
Top with BBQ sauce
Top with Chickn'
Place additional toppings. [I eat mine plain]
Top with Cheese

Bake for 10-12 [or until done] at 450°. (Got it from my Body for Life book that did very little for me because I'm unwilling to commit!)

Voilá! You've got yourself a yummy bbq cheese pie!

devon said...

i love your voice! it's calming. and i feel like eating pizza now. ;)

hi jeope!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't get it to work!!! What am I doing wrong!!!

Go Kayak said...

I thought you'd sound like this! Nice voice.