August 01, 2007

120: Photomiscellanea V

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Top row (left to right): Kerry by firelight in Spruce Woods Provincial Park; the concession is a little quiet at the drive-in. Middle row (left to right): boots on wires at sunset (at Wolseley & Raglan); columbine in our front yard. Bottom row (left to right): awaiting The Simpsons Movie at the drive-in; Kerry readies a marshmallow for a deluxe s'more.

The "new photos" folder on our desktop has been piling up all summer, recently ignored as a pair of heat waves made the attic swelteringly unattractive. But a reprieve from the humidity tonight has given me the chance to conduct a search and show some of what I've been up to over the past few weeks.

With the exception of the columbine image, these have not made it over to Flickr in their higher-resolution glory yet ... but soon. First I gotta tend to my HOWieZine submission, which is lagging just a tad.

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