December 09, 2007

132: Spouse Mouse

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This year I had my first crack at co-judging duties at an annual Christmas cookie exchange Kerry participates in. Impartiality is difficult for the judges – comprising exclusively of cookie-baker-sigoths – and this year even moreso as I designed the top-secret, newly-released Cookie of the Year award that now accompanies the winner for a full year of bragging rights.

Kerry created spice mice (this recipe comes close, if not entirely bang-on). Figuring the creations' immense photo appeal (click here for a closer look), I whole-heartedly endorsed this decision. And, much like with last year's mint sandwich stars, they came out of the oven beautifully. Alas, the award went to a competitor (who the heck judged this thing, anyway?). But all contestants come out winners, and this year is no exception as we returned home with a tupperware full of a dozen different cookie concoctions. Speaking of which, I think I'll go crack open that thing.

Bonus! Click here for a surprise spice mice visitor.

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Clockwise from top left: the judges' stash prepares for its close-up; the 2008 Cookie of the Year (with trophy); the combatants; the judges in their impenetrable, underground Judge-O-Lair.


Tracy Harris said...

Those mice are darn cute! How the heck could they not have won?

Amara said...

Fun pics. If the group ones turned out, can you send me the file so I can print one for myself? Also the judges. And the winner. Some of mine are from odd angles.

Dennis and Dianne Truss said...

We just received Tim and Mary Lou's Christmas letter and are very excited to hear the two of you are getting married and soon! Congratulations.

Dennis and Dianne Truss

shannon said...

So creative!! They have my vote!!