February 24, 2008

It's All Fun And Games

Left: the victorious captain's log details the moment of enemy capitulation. Top right: let the records show it was a close battle. Above right: I diplomatically signal the end of combat.

Local and international news services may not have picked up this minor story, but not since 1812 had Canada and America waged such a ferocious military battle as they did for one fine hour last week. And much like the former skirmish – but with myself at the helm – I pushed back an enemy Yankee advance in a victorious engagement of GoogleChat Battleship. Led from a secret command center in the swamps of New Jersey, the once-heralded power of the U.S. Navy could not successfully penetrate the Canadian defenses. Mission accomplished, the five-colour-with-varnish banner would declare, triumphantly across the deck of my remaining destroyer – if I could afford a banner of such quality and lustre.

So, what to do in the ensuing peacetime? How about four hours of cartoons and an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet – that's what the Cinematheque was serving up this weekend. Starting off with see-it-to-believe-it episodes of Super Friends, The Amazing Chan & The Chan Clan (featuring voice-work by Jodie Foster!) and The Jackson 5ive – and heaping bowls of Honeycombs and Froot Loops (a growing-up fave, now decidedly disgusting) – the marathon continued with even hokier episodes of cartoons featuring The Partridge Family (in 2200 A.D., no less) and Rick Springfield. While there were definite duds in the mix nearer to the end as the audience's sugar high subsided, it was worth it to endure for some Scooby-Doo and the ultimate guilty pleasure: a glimpse of some He-Man.

Clockwise from top left: wearing my cartoon marathon finest; sweet sustenance!; He-Man inspires Javier Bardem's Oscar-winning haircut; Kerry at the buffet.


Melissa said...

I demand a rematch! You used special Canadian voodoo, I just know it! Grrrr. And you even stole my victory pose. That's just not right.

Jeope said...

Your supreme Great Northern overlord demands silence ... and sammiches. With real bacon.

pricklypearbloom said...

I love me some He-Man

lew! said...

i thought it was some fancy-schmancy on-line version of battle ship you guys were playing. But you two were playing old school with a new school twist.

i hate that i just said that.

awesome! Did you pretend it was a battle on Lake Ontario, Erie, Huron or Superior?

Jeope said...

None of the above! Canada claims Lake Michigan!

lew! said...

oh going for a grab of the only lake you don't touch. tricky old canada.

if i had battleship, i would challenge you sir! [glove slap]

Jeope said...

That better have not been a dueling glove!