May 16, 2008

145: The (Purple) Thinker

There's not a whole helluva lot to this one. Kerry and I went to the local Safeway, bought our regular stuff – plus this eggplant, which looks like one of those Easter Island
Rapa Nui stones. Ever since a certain homemade pizza went awry I have trepidations for eggplant, despite successfully growing an adorable pair in the garden last summer. But I'm a sucker for an anthropomorphic vegetable, so this fellow came home with us. We had a little photo shoot using Kerry's purple yoga mat, then he had a date with a ratatouille recipe. Turns out, these things can be tasty. Eggplant, I forgive you (and click here for a closer look).


Alina Chau said...

THis is very neat!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love eggplant, although I only eat it every so often. How on earth did you get it to stand up like that, though?

Jeope said...

Thanks Alina!

Tracy, the yoga mat padding helped, but I had a tiny wedge hidden behind to keep it up.

devon said...

hysterical!!! :D

easter island creep-tastic

mmm.... eggplant is "thought" to induce labor. just a fun fyi.

Urban Barbarian said...

Wow...! Great photo! Great Eggplant!!!