July 20, 2008

154: Photomiscellanea VI

Top row (left to right): precious golden gummi, a suggestive (at least to Dave) lady-slipper macro, the quintessential prairie cowboy-with-sunset capture. Middle row (left to right): new evergreen growth macro, a leg-banded yellow warbler, abandoned farmstead interior. Bottom row (left to right): abandoned farmstead exterior (four-photo stitched panorama), Kerry's feet in smoke-obscured evening light.

a.k.a. Jeope's Annual Summertime Shutdownagain, I find it difficult to muster posts for this site when the weather is the way it is – despite the cooler-than-usual summer, the added rain and added-added mosquitoes. So, I offer you this grid of recent unblogged photos, a gentle push to my Flickr page where most of these have already been posted and written about – and a reminder to remember me and my humble site when I return.

You've been a great audience! Try the veal!

1 comment:

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Great pics as usual Jeope! I'm sure that all your Manitoban/Canuck audience understands what you mean, when you say you find it difficult to not get outdoors and enjoy the summer... mosquitos, crappy weather and all. ;)