July 05, 2010

238: Five Month Check-In

Nearing the halfway point, which will strike in early August. I can't believe it. For now though, it's summertime and the photo-taking is (relatively) easy. Subject matter is everywhere. In the garden. On the barbecue. At weddings and parades. It's a fun time, and it's been reflected in the past 30 photographs or so during my image-a-day challenge.

Based on the response over on Flickr, the preferred photo from the past fiscal month has been this one, of a ghoulish-looking storm that struck one day during my evening commute from work. And for the first time since I began these monthly updates, I have to agree. It's my favourite, too.

I'd love to hear from you, what you think of the effort to date. If you have a camera, it's a project that I highly encourage embarking on. You can certainly cater it to however busy you happen to be (I let it consume far more time than I wager most do).

Interested in seeing any of these past 30 efforts larger? As always, check the slideshow, or create an RSS feed to the set. New product arrives daily!

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