August 03, 2010

239: Six-Month Check-In... And Out

Something is inherently wrong here; I've really let this place go to pot, and I'm feeling bad for it. Typically, in summers past, this is the time of year where I consider a shutdown – usually for good-weather reasons, getting away from the monitor, etc. But this time is different. For the first time in this site's long run I've neglected it to a worrisome point.

So consider this an official check-out notice. I'm essentially saying what has been painfully obvious: I haven't been around here – and I don't plan to, until I decide exactly what it is I need to do next with this site. I've been putting so much effort into my Flickr photo challenge that this place seems like an ugly stepsister.

It's not to say I don't have creative irons in the fire. I do. A few, anyways. And someday down the line they may be worth showing. But the bigger picture dictates I close up shop until further notice. It may result in a retooling. Or a total comeback. Or something else, but it's clear from the overwhelming silence here that it's necessary.

My July batch of photos are above, and my pick of the litter below. It's been a great month for shooting, and just when I think I'm tapped out even taking photos something wonderful presents itself. That's exactly what happened today, with this shot of Maximilian sunflowers at work – and I'm grateful we crossed paths, and the wind blew the way it did, and the sky was as blue as it was.


As always, check the photos daily. Right here.


Mark Kruk said...

I totally understand Jeope. There's only so much updating one can do. That's pretty much why I stick to updating Elise's site once a month.

With all the other stuff I have going (family life, sports and video games) it can be tough to find a night to update a her site once a month.

Maybe a check-in once a month is all you need. I do enjoy seeing how your photo marathon is going, but rarely think of visiting Flickr for some reason.

Dave said...

You think yours has been ignored!