April 05, 2011

243: Preaching To The Converted

A couple of weekends ago, I opened up my vault of photo-a-day photos to see which ones might best benefit from tinkerings with various black-and-white conversion techniques in Photoshop. During the thick of the project, I had often wished to convert some right then and there, but was adamant in sticking to colour and minimal dickings-around with post-processing. These are my favourite six results from this bout of playtime. You can click on any of the images, to view them larger.

365B&W: white fox
Using Photoshop calculations I played God, and turned a red fox white. I was able to separate the subject from the background, a feat I was hard up to perform on this overcast evening with fading light.

365B&W: victim
Through greyscale conversion I was able to chase the nasty streetlight hues of this original scene and focus on the sheer dump of snow we received one evening last November. This was before the bleakness of the season really set in, and snow like this was more of an exciting thing.

365B&W: sparrow
I appreciate how a good conversion can bring out otherwise muted textures. All beiges and light beiges, this savannah sparrow during a songbird banding session at work, remained still enough for me to focus him right in the eye.

365B&W: emo
Here's me. So emo, during the golden hour and dog days of last summer. I had a lot on my mind and stuff, you know. Just needed a good sit-and-stare, sort some issues out. You know. Stuff.

365B&W: rockstar
Here's another shot of me, by guest photographer Anton Corbijn. Anton and myself had just been dying to do a project together…

365B&W: stick-up
But, enough about me. Here is my favourite converted photo from my shufflings through the 365 stacks – and it's not just because of the subject matter. I enjoy everything about this image: the reflective hair strands, the uniquely-sized pupils, and especially the silhouetted outline of the right side of Kerry's head. I think I'm in love.

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