July 29, 2011

Kid Video

Our past two weeks have been rife with family visits, and visiting. I write this now – as we say goodbye to one crew and prepare to set out with another – with only one evening to spare. So while we take leave for a week up north with more kin, I present my absolutely stunning and cuddly niece and nephew. And I pledge to you, I don't say this while peering through unbiased uncle eyes. At all.

Trying out the hoop, the boy shows his swivel technique. Needs to loosen up a bit, I think.

The boy, shouting it from the rooftops. Or at least from the patio. Loves his own lungs. Until distracted by a nearby carrot on a plate.

The boy, he loves to say no. Did I mention he likes testing out his lungs?

So I waited patiently. But in the end, there was no sneaking anything past this guy.

Meanwhile, the girl and I took the camera out for a spin and a choke-hold in the park.

Finally, my favourite. From our day on the Prairie Dog Central. I turn the volume off on this one, and promptly melt.

1 comment:

Ian said...

you were in my "Top Five People I know in this world who would be a wicked dad but aren't." list... but that video of you and the girl spinning has elevated you to pole position.