August 12, 2011

246: Making Faces

Time spent earlier this summer with family was an opportunity for me to witness the amazing ability that kids possess to change emotions on a dime. Presenting Exhibits A (for apprehension) through E (ecstasy):

blue boy
Avery wants no part of being on camera. Too busy rooting in playground gravel. Hi Avery. Avery, lookit here. Looks up. Snap.

Cadence is grouchy; sufficient attention is not being directed her way. No one else is looking, I stick my tongue out at her. She turns away, even more sullen.

Avery wants a hot dog, plain and simple – that's all this look is about. It was forthcoming. And then instant gratification; he's a happy camper.

If Cadence is ever ready, on a moment's notice, to do anything – it's to make this face.

But of course, sometimes the ideal is when they're not paying attention at all.


devon spec said...

J- these are so badass.

Jeope said...

Thanks! Pretty soon you'll get your own pair...

Melissa said...

Dang, I hope Cadence's parents are prepared. With those eyes, their house is gonna be surrounded by lovesick boys! Hopefully Avery will be big and burly so he can be her bodyguard!