March 04, 2012

Technically Speaking

Me and tech, we begrudgingly share an OK relationship. I've warmed to it in recent years but by no means do I chase technology. Case in point my Canon Rebel. It's responsible for taking all the lovely pictures you've seen here since the fall of 2005. Technically, anyways; if it hadn't been swiped from me in the ballsiest of brazen swipe jobs almost two years ago to the day, I wouldn't have upsized to a newer model like I did out of necessity a month later (in the thick of my photo-a-day challenge).

And that's my point: if it hadn't been stolen, I'd more than likely still be content with my 2005 camera, rather than salivating once a year (or more) for a newer model. That sounds like crazy-talk in 2012, but it's how I roll. The old Rebel did the job of capturing, and I could handle things from there. And like my friend Ian I think once said, or typed, or something: the best camera for you is the camera you have. Truer words were never spoken.

The newer, replacement Rebel takes pictures X times larger, and that's come in extremely handy. And it has the ability to attain a higher ISO setting, which is great in the dark (even though the noise levels suck). And it shoots HD video, which I frequently forget when I'm trying to nab a tricky moment all the while not realizing hey, I could shoot a video of this. Like I managed to convince myself with the above snippet.

131 \\ 15-06-10 \\ hey 
Consequently, it bugs me that my second-generation iPod sits behind me collecting dust simply because my computer doesn't have the proper Firewire ports to sustain it anymore and our sound system's dock doesn't configure with it. The thing works like a charm, even if it holds a charge for an hour (tops). If my Touch lasts anywhere near as long, I'll be a happy digi-camper.

It bugs me that the immediacy of iPhone cameras and Instagram filters makes my habit of uploading photos the next day seem archaic. It bugs me that a well-planned and wordy blog post, like this one, seems archaic – because I could tweet it (which I will, later) or find a near-identical diatribe someone else wrote and share it and say yes, this is how I feel too.

So I dig tech, to a certain degree. When it suits my needs Рjust not when I need to suit its needs. I can be amazed that, for example, right now as I type I'm waiting for Kerry to arrive, knackered, at her hotel in Córdoba, Spain, so I might catch a glimpse of her on Skype or hear her voice via GoogleChat. And I can suitably relax knowing the money I don't spend on gadgetry and upgrading will go handily towards that plane ticket that will have me there with her in a few quick weeks Рcamera and iPod in tow.


Mark Kruk said...

Another great post. Also Bedhead & A-ha video is awesome. I was half expecting the video to go all pencil sketch mode in the middle of it. :-)

Anthony Woodward said...

Do you have a touch yet? I have an iPhone and I hate to admit it's quite handy for taking photos, tweeting etc

Jeope said...

I have a Touch, the one just before they started putting cameras in them. That's actually why I wrote this; I was telling K. how nice it'd be to have a camera in the iPod, but the one I have is still pretty new and works fantastic.