March 29, 2012

264: The Leaf Charmer

the leaf charmer
This was fun. This fellow and his leafy prey is about an hour's work all-told; output from last night's meetup with good friends Allan and Chris at Pop Soda's Coffeehouse (and brief after-party at my pad). The three of us had hooked up on a couple of other man-date occasions to talk shop – and decided for "ManDate III: The Reckoning" that there would be instruments of sketch destruction involved. It was some mid-week loosey-goosey catharsis.

As to where the idea came from for the drawing, I have absolutely no frickin' idea.

Check here to see a more detailed look.


Patti said...

I want to say that is one deope doodle but that doesn't sound like a compliment, so I will just say "This drawing leaves me with a smile, you rake!" (I hat to say it!)

Jainin said...

Inspiration in part may be a related photo when Kerry got eaten by the leaf pile?