June 12, 2005

21: Salad Days

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Fellow HOW online forum haunt Tanya Roberts (Ohio) crafted the concept of a recipe book made of submissions from graphic designers across the continent. Operating much in the same way as the HOWieZine, the HOWie CuiZine (title pending, I think) will feature recipes of all varieties from a motley clan of designers representing an equally motley assortment of tastes and backgrounds. As proud Irish descendents, Kerry and I are submitting the keys to building her incredible Vietnamese salad rolls.

This layout was made in QuarkXPress, with illustrations and ingredient symbols constructed in FreeHand – based from photos I took of Kerry making salad rolls a couple of weeks ago.

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Enjoy this sneak peek (click on the inset for a closer view). Submission and rollout dates of the project are still TBA, but hopefully I'll be holding a copy of this and many other HOWie recipes some time later this summer.


shannon said...

I LOVE THESE THINGS! It's always fun to have the girls over and make these. They are soooo yummy!

How have you been? I have not seen you around.
hope you are some where smiling! :-)

Allan L. said...

That looks great, man!
I'm hungry.

Loren said...