June 03, 2005

You've Changed, Anakin

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My inner geek must be growing old. It took me two weeks to see the new Star Wars.

Buddy Maeengan and I checked out the spectacle at our favourite theater last night. Despite naysayers, despite the clichés and despite the calculated suckiness of the previous two entries (each containing sparks, I'll admit, and some fun moments), this latest entry was an inevitable improvement. This is largely, I think, because of built-in caché from its proximity to the original 1977 movie within the Star Wars timeline. But it also helps that the kid-friendliness was toned down to a murmur – this installment is all growned-up business. And George Lucas, for the first time in this run of prequels, was looking out for his hardcore fan base.

Maeengan and I talked afterwards about why this one works, and the consensus was that there was something to care about this time. Characters had stakes. Actions had consequences. The tone wasn't black-and-white. Sh*t mattered.

But holes still persist. The acting is still wooden, but at least it's sanded down to a nice softwood compared to the solid oak delivery of the last two entries. Ian McDiarmid has a blast with his role. Watch out for those Anakin-Padmé scenes, they're torture – with one in particular bordering on after-school-special.


lew! said...

i have to disagree.
i hated it - it could have been so much more.

R2 and rockets again (what happend to them?)
why can't ben remember the droids in IV?
the long vader "nooooooooo!"

i did like the stormtrooper evolution though.

Ah well - tis just a movie right?

jk said...

delivered mail to gordon bell, (home of the panthers) today. checked out the class of '93 photos, and had a good laugh.

the other night i was watching 'the hunt for red october', and i was telling my wife how we used to go see 2 movies on tuesday nights, and 'red october' was one of them.

aaah, good times. those were the days. :-)

Jeope said...

I think we saw "Red October" a couple of times, even. What dumbasses. We'd see Tuesday movies even if there weren't any we wanted to see. Like "Mermaids".

Lew, come on: Vader's "Nooooo!" was hilarious. I can see Lucas telling James Earl Jones "that's it, baby! You nailed it!"

lew! said...

that is a good mental image Jeope!

Deb said...

okay, i'm a nerd, i saw it TWICE on opening day...

but i have to give the Best NOOOO Award to the Emperor, as he squares off with Mace Windu... "nooooo, nooooo, NOOOOOOOO!!!" it's much more fun to imitate, especially with a cranky-old-man tone added ;)