February 16, 2006

My Fifteen Minutes

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This past weekend I had the honour – and surprise – of being Sunday's feature site on Catherine Morley's Designers Who Blog, a giant online storehouse of, well, exactly that: blogs, be them personal or business-related, maintained by graphic designers (and other like-minded folk, such as Tuesday's bearded star and creative everything Ward Jenkins). Honour and surprise are two words to describe it best. This humble site was created late-late in 2004, solely as a means to beat a terrible creative funk I was enduring. The larger community that it helped introduce me to – that would be you guys – has been a continual and vital inspiration ever since. Otherwise this joint may have well been one of those things that peters out after awhile with indifference and the ever-present urge to just sit, blah and let the brain fester back to the state it was in when I started out.

Now what's on TV tonight?


Allan L. said...

Congrats, man!

A Little Hut said...

Well deserved. I really enjoy your blog. BTW your it! (check the "My turn" entry in my blog)

maeengan said...

Well, I didn't do much, but encourage you. But, I'm honoured . . wait a minute.

What about MY 15 minutes?!?!

Just kidding . . congrats!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

A simple congratulations... it's not easy to keep up a blog and at that give it 'real good content'... very well done Jeope! Much deserved! *Hi Kerry* Hehe!(please tell me I spelled that right from memory)

Alessandro_PPG said...

Congratulations! Very nice blogger! Parabéns para o seu blogger, ele é bem bacana e as fotos são doidera pura! Very Good!