February 02, 2006

52: They Only Come Out At Night

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The current theme over at PhotoFortnight (night) offered a chance to take my camera and a tripod into the basement and take this series of pictures, which came out much creepier than I ever could have imagined. While I quickly scanned through to pick one for a submission, I kept the moodier ones away from Kerry because it was bedtime – and these shouldn't be the last thing anyone sees in a day. But they did come out really, really cool.

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I tried my hand at spelling with the blue flashlight we got for Christmas (top, reversed to correct direction), and then did this one (above) where I stood in each position – about eight seconds each – and illuminated myself with the light. You can click here for a closer look.

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Here I'm just leaning against a support column and spinning the flashlight around. And trying to keep perfectly still.

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This is the one I chose for PhotoFortnight. I'm leaning low against the same column and holding my flashing bicycle nightlight with my teeth. Click here for a closer look.

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This one's pretty similar except I wasn't able to stand still, hence the double-vision effect (click here for a closer look). Like I said, creepy. But I'm really a nice guy ... just playing around in a dark, unfinished basement for a photo contest.

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That's me in the corner; that's me in the spotlight. To the right is the furnace and to the left is my bicycle, which I miss using badly. Mebbe someday Kerry and I will have enough junk that we might start filling up the basement, but for now it's pretty much empty. Click here for a closer look.

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Here the flashlight's balancing on top of the camera and I'm spinning the red nightlight around in circles – kind of neat. It was around this time that the camera battery ran out. All in all I took about 30 pictures, mostly slight offshoots of the ones shown here – taking just over an hour. These are all 30-second exposures taken using the Canon Rebel's time-value mode, and only cropping and sharpening was needed afterwards.


Melissa said...

Wow, Jeope! The one where you're in the corner (losing your religion) is so creepy...and awesome! Me likey! You're so artsy fartsy. Great stuff!! :-)

lew! said...

great stuff!
good idea for night! i am starting to see the advantages of a decent digital for projects like PF!

i really like the red circle one!

maeengan said...


Dave said...

Those are cool! Can I put some of our crap in your basement? We're running out of room. I remember the days we said "What will we do with all this space?" We found out.


Princesa de Chocolate said...

Those are great J-man! Nuuiicce! I like the one where you're in the corner too. Very original! Thank you for sharing them.

Mary said...

That is SO AWESOME! They are so mooooody.

shannon said...

WOW! These are amazing! I like the one with the light in your mouth!

Alina Chau said...

This are sooo coooool!! ALways love these "drawing" with flash light in the dark stuffs!

devon said...

um.. creepy as hell that last one is!

eek. how can you stomach being by yourself in the basement..... i hate even washing clothes by myself! lol.

i just know there is a body in your basement.... trapped in the walls... be careful.

Ian T. said...

These arer really inspired and yes, a little creepy!

Steffen said...

Here comes a "Wow!" from germany.