June 25, 2006

69: Happy Anniversaries

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Sean and Joe over at PhotoFortnight headquarters are celebrating the photography site's one-year anniversary with a special, let-loose theme of, well ... no theme. Which means anything goes, so long as it was shot within the past half-month. This is the picture I'm submitting (above), a fuzzy and experimental image of new-bride Melissa and buddy Amy dancing at the Vegas wedding I attended a week and a half ago. This was a result of a series of shots I attempted of catching the room's vibe using any scrap of available light in the dim room. A small bit of dodge and burn work was done to the image to help frame it a bit better.

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Meanwhile over at Photo Friday, a weekly theme of health has been trotted out. And for them I submit this photograph (above) of gnarled tree roots taken at Elora Gorge in southern Ontario in the spring of 2004 – also used on the card I gave to Melissa and husband Rob with their wedding present.


Melissa said...

I'm famous!

Egads, "husband" sounds so weird. Can you just call him my "man-servant" instead?

Jeope said...

Yes! Man-servant Rob-ubus!