January 30, 2007

101: I Wish I Could Hibernate

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The phrase dead of winter is no more evident than it is right now outside my window as I type this. Around this time of year I begin to comprehend just how smart some animals are by burrowing away in a dark corner of the earth, waiting for the weather to become tolerable. Similarly, I was holed up in my house this past weekend, dreading the outdoors and the current temperature it has decided it must be here – feeling all the while like a creature in deep-winter mode.

This photo is of me in the living room, trying to keep still as a mouse (as my mom used to say) for a 30-second exposure. There's some layering magic going on in Photoshop here, to chase away any noise, enhance the darks and whites and create more of a close-quarters environment. The real living room is much more inviting.
Click here for a much better look at the image, and then over here for an alternate version from the same shoot (once there, select "All Sizes" to zoom in).


Dave said...

I'd love to, but apparently I'm not part of the inner circle that can view private images...;-)

Jeope said...

Can't explain that one, sir – my Flickr site is an open book.

Caroline said...

I had the same problem, maybe the individual images have accidentally been given different viewing options?

Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't sit that close to the TV...Deenie

Pod said...

cool shot....very poltergeist