January 14, 2007

99: Polar Opposites

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Winter has officially entrenched itself here, which can be a good thing and a bad thing for taking photographs. While it can safely be considered quite camera unfriendly out right now, the season is still capable of offering up a handful of good days, like the one we had here after Boxing Day. Conditions were ripe for a brilliant coat of frost on December 27 – that amazingly lasted all day. I took the department's Nikon out for an hour or so, capturing a healthy batch of frost shots. The above photo, an encrusted willow branch along the boardwalk at work, is my submission for Photo Friday's current theme of peaceful (click here for a closer look, and click here – then scroll down – to see more photos from that morning).

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What this frigid week has also been doing is effectively removing me from any and all remnants of our Cuban vacation. Fortunately, PhotoFortnight has stepped in with its save-the-day theme of holiday. This ten-second long-exposure of the Caribbean Sea by moonlight, using a beach chair in place of a tripod, best illustrates just how far away from winter we were for one amazing week. You can click here for a more detailed look; images for the "holiday" theme will be up for voting soon.


ben huff said...

jeope, i love the muted colo(u)rs in this shot!

Pod said...

great shots! love the second one..i thought the stars were snowflakes