March 13, 2007

105: Photomiscellanea IV

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Top row (left to right): Underwood typewriter in Sunday's newfound "spring-ahead" evening light; Kerry's on the ball. Middle row (left to right): Shelley Marshall singing at the CD release concert for Nathan's Key Principles; coaster pattern; Keri Latimer on the theramin, also of Nathan. Bottom row (left to right): a whole lotta good fortune; cookies that are not as yummy as you would think.

My friend Allan occasionally spouts what he refers to as a "photo backlog" on his Flickr base. In a sense, that's kind of what this is – unclassified photos of all makes and models from the past couple of weeks. There's a tease of spring outside; on Sunday I tested my bike in anticipation, and even as I type this I have one eye on the window watching the icicles disappear and puddles grow. And I suppose it's one reason I can't concentrate on creative ventures these last few days.

Hit the links in the captions above for better views of the photos already posted over on Flickr.

About the cookies: these were an unexpected gift in the mail from my friend Maria in Arizona. I bugged her for cookies on and off for some time; these are what I got (they came complete with a plush carton of milk – no foolin'). Kerry and I ended up using them as ornaments on our Christmas tree, and I can safely say they'll be on future trees for years to come.


Melissa said...

Those cookies look yummy, but not nearly as delicious as the ones Maria, Amy, and I baked in Arizona. Now THOSE were good cookies. Too bad you missed out.

Jeope said...

Yeah? Well don't knock em' before you've tried 'em. Hang one of those so-called "real" cookies on a tree and all you'll get is mice.

So, nyah.

Mary said...

I really like the shot of the typewriter. Great photos!

Allan L. said...

I love the typewriter one.
My backlog continues to grow.