March 20, 2007

Yeah, But It's A Dry Heat

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This image I've searched out for Photo Friday's current theme of heat is from an interesting time and place. Manitoba is not known for unrelenting heat, even though it's a region of extremes – and at times in the summer it can be quite sweltering. But this picture is from a different time of year, my favourite time of any year – a rare, hot, dry day in September, this one in 2004 to be exact. I'm not certain what kind of flower this is to be blooming so late, but this is the Spirit Sands in Manitoba's Spruce Woods Provincial Park, a unique relic left over from the Ice Age (listen to me, I sound like the brochure here). It may not have even been that hot that day, I can't remember, but I still like the illusion it provides. This also happened to be the day my niece was born, which just made for a great day all around.

Click here for a better look, if'n yer interested.

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Eric said...

I like this shot, and I gave you a vote. Great job.