June 26, 2007

116: Zoo(m)

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Top left: the wary eye of an American flamingo. Top right: it's not what you think (aka the backside of a vulturine guineafowl). Bottom left: a roseate spoonbill gives the stink-eye. Bottom right: nobody knows the trouble this lemur has seen.

Our country's 140th birthday is upon us – and while Kerry and I celebrate by camping under the stars in the True North, I present to you this quartet of recent zoo images from my continued feeling-out of the new zoom lens. The zoo continues to be the perfect spot to shoot, for now, though I've tried my hand so far at capturing some slightly more, uh, wild animals both at work and at the lake. It'll be with me this weekend in case we see any bears, moose, beavers or hosers – but regrettably, the Rebel-with-zoom will be too large for carting into Monday night's White Stripes show. Have a great Canada Day, all!

Click here for a closer look at the flamingo.

Click here for a closer look at the guineafowl (and here to see it's face).

Click here for a closer look at the spoonbill, my submission for PhotoFortnight's theme of "red".

And click here for a better look at the weary lemur.


Caroline said...

I'm pretty sure Canada will be 140 years old this july 1... after this mistake, you must now prove your patriotism by leading a grand How Forum takeover on July 4 ;-)

Jeope said...


What was I thinking? No wonder. I failed math more times than I can count ... waitasec ...

I'm a make that change soon. Colour me red (and white).

Anthony Woodward said...

I like the look of your new header

lew! said...

got me a similar lens (same zoom set up different brand used from ebay) coming in the mail today! Hope it's it proper shape!