June 16, 2007

Swing High

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A shot of Kerry on the swings is almost an annual ritual for me. This vision, on the swing set at Half Moon Beach in Matlock, Manitoba, was taken in the summer of 2003 using my hand-me-down Minolta and slide film – and is my submission for Photo Friday's current theme of active (a similar 2006 swinging photo was used for Photofortnight's theme of transport, seen here). The original photo contained a strip of Lake Winnipeg horizon just below the bottom of the crop shown here, but was removed to heighten the illusion of ... well, height. A closer look at the detail can be had right over here.


jk said...

that's cool. i love the blue sky.

Allan L. said...

Tight shot, sir. And I dig the new header. Clarendon?

Jeope said...

Yeah, it was Clarendon Bold. I knicked off a few serifs to really snug the letters together.