September 18, 2007

122: Flight Of Fantasy

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Photo Friday's current theme of fantasy brings me to this adjusted image taken not too long ago at the beach in Matlock, Manitoba. This is Kerry's nephew, monkeying around in the lake for me and my zoom lens (positioned on a pier about fifteen feet away). I would instruct him to submerge, then to explode through the surface of the water as high as he could. And of course, an experiment like this depends highly on the moment – nabbing the position and expression just so, otherwise losing it – which in itself relies a great deal on hope. The moment lasts milliseconds. Fortunately for me I nabbed this still (click here to see the original, untouched version), and then modified it in black-and-white largely using Photoshop sessions with the dodge and burn tools. Be sure to click here to view a larger version.


Ariel Gordon said...

Beautiful g-d photo!

Patricia said...

I LOVE this photo!

Jeope said...

Thanks, Patricia! (And Ariel, g-d, indeed!)

palma tayona said...

hi there. been blog-hopping and saw your blog. i have to simply say i love this photo. it has that "wow!" factor.

incredible shot. :-)

am so fascinated with the wonderful things i see online everytime i surf.

this is one of them.