October 15, 2007

"What Are You Guys Walking On?"

I like the weirdos. There are not too many where I work, but I do make sporadic contact with them during excursions out in the larger world (case in point, this lady ... or this lady). So it gave me great pleasure to receive an email from Kerry late last week about an encounter with a strange man in the concourse beneath Portage & Main. I thought I could elaborate on it here, but truth be told it's best just acting the messenger. Here's her email, verbatim:

A random disheveled, bearded guy, probably 50s or 60s, Indian accent. First he was doing something that looked like tai chi. Then he started doing the moonwalk.

To himself, while moonwalking: I am walking on the moon. I am walking on the moon.

Randomly to others:
Well, what are you guys walking on?

To himself: laughing, laughing.

Other people: ignoring him, walking more quickly.

Me: laughing.

1 comment:

devon said...

ha... there was this guy in erie (when i lived in the actual city) that would do this ritual on the corner with his hackey sack and it was the same thing over and over and one move consisted of him smelling jhis fingers and moving them like he was doing magic. it was unreal. but somehow, we would watch and watch....

you gotta wonder what goes on in their heads