April 23, 2008

Not-So-Instant Karma

Karma may not always be instant – in fact, it rarely is. I received a dose of
the stuff this past weekend as our home was christened by youthful nogoodniks bearing eggs (frightening the flax outta Kerry, who was next to the befouled window watching the bomb-diffusing scene in The English Patient).

So how exactly is this karma? Well ­ funny story, that.

Twenty-one years ago, almost to the day, my best friend A.S. and myself sported pre-teen crushes on best-friend classmates R.Y. and R.S., respectively. This is grade six mind you, with puberty on the horizon (very much unlike today's with-it, plugged-in 12-year-olds), so our primary tool at hand to show our affections – beyond teasing, of course – was egging their houses. Which we proceeded to do late one Friday evening.

The next morning, my family and I headed to the beach, as was our long-standing tradition at the time. So best friend A.S. spent a healthy portion of his morning solo, cleaning the eggs we hucked from the siding of R.Y.'s house. How did we get busted? Simple enough: we were 12 years old – sporting 12-year-old brains, getting recognized by R.Y. through the window.

I was never brought to justice for my part in this hideous crime, building sandcastles while my friend bore the terrible brunt. But karma found me, two decades later. And for this, I cleaned up a tidy mess outside our house on Sunday morning.

Moral of the story: don't egg houses ... of people you know (but buses remain fair game).


Melissa said...

You little punk. Your childhood shenanigans result in Kerry's terror! You owe her.

When I was a youngin, my mom was home alone with me late at night when some hoodlums threw ice right through the big picture window in front of our house. That scarred my poor mom for life! I hope some karma found its way to those kids.

Allan L. said...

I'm totally trying to guess the identities behind those initials.
Sorry 'bout the hoodlums.

Anonymous said...

Hm, bummer, but I guess according to you, you deserved it. My guess is Kerry did not deserve the heart-into-her-throat fright it gave her, though. :)

Jeope said...

Hey, nobody calls me a little punk on my own blog. You're banned!

Dave said...

****splut**** ****splut****

That's for banning Mel!

Jeope said...

You're banned too, yeh little terror!

devon said...

lol!!! i wonder if the karma police will arrest me and my license plate will get pink miss piggy toothpaste all over it, (yeah, that's right,... i did that to my neighbor back in the day)

Mrs. Maria said...

I find the egging so not humorous... just 'cause it's stinky and sticky and messy and I would much rather they toilet paper my house! ** I pass on the eggs ** :) You little stinker!!!!

I did some things when I was a kid, I shall tell eventually! :-)