May 03, 2009

May Day Sympathy

Kerry is once again hard at work on The May Day Poetry Project, a blog-based collective of writing that happens on the fifth month of every year. Contributors try their darnedest here to create a piece once a day during this month – last year only Kerry pulled the feat off – but this time around I am taking a stab at the role of May Day sympathizer, and attempting to draw something once a day as well, through to the 31st. Not only will this loosen me and my plodding perfectionist style up, but hopefully also help build a half-decent stockpile of material to revisit and polish over the summer months.

What this means however, in terms of my own bloggery, is an unknown. Some pieces will make it here fairly soon after completion, while others may pop up weeks from now. Some will be decent, some will be quick, while others will quite possibly be crap. That all depends on my daily schedule: May, for me, will see a hectic work schedule, an issue of GDC Manitoba's e-news, the essential Canuck long weekend and a five-day trek to Philadelphia. In short, I'll be in and out.

The good news? I'm two for two so far. Only 29 to go.


Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Can't wait to see the results!

James said...

I'm starting late because I only read about this today but I have my fist sketch done. I look forward to tomorrow when I can complete another...and another...and another...