April 27, 2009

188: A Tale Of Theatrics

There's a long-ish story behind this fellow; and, to be entirely honest, his story began well in advance of this week's Illustration Friday theme of
theater. But along the way he struck and overcame obstacles, had a near-death experience and then, earned a shot at redemption. What started as an honest attempt at drawing something – anything, really – without using my fine-nib Pigma Microns, was shunted to the wayside following a misguided stab at adding charcoal to the mix of ├╝bersoft pencil shading.

I wrecked it. I was mad. I almost tossed it in a theatrical fit of frustration.

Instead I let the drawing sit for days before eventually deciding to scan it anyways and use it for an attempt at some loose-and-dirty Photoshop colouring. Truthfully I didn't know where it was going to go. I tinkered with various ideas before Illustration Friday came along with its curious theme and I set to work honing this final piece. All told, from start to finish, it simmered for almost three weeks. The final illustration is concocted from a few different soft-lead pencils, charcoal, Photoshop colour layers and washes, an overlay of wood grain and a few other miscellaneous photographic offerings. You can garner a more detailed look right here, in my Flickr stream.


Jack Foster said...

Wow! cool illustration and what an evolution! Great story too.

Jeope said...

Thanks, Jack!

Ryan James said...

I love the colours in this, it was well worth all the effort!

Ryan James :o)

Mary said...

Very nice, Jeope! And it's good to see what you can do with a softer medium!!

Lynne Chapman said...

Love the subtle colouring and raw sketchy lines

James said...

I like this piece a lot.

The picture has some good humour to it and the drawing is quite expressive.

The colour palette is darker and makes it a bit mysterious.

Good stuff!

Gregory Gunther said...

Let me say it again. Love the color, texture and raw sketchy quality of this illustration.

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you did "wrong" really turned out great. It has a lot of fantastic qualities to it, and the monochrome effect is perfect!