June 01, 2009

192: Warblers vs. Swallows

Clockwise, from top left: common yellowthroat, barn swallow, yellow warbler, tree swallow.

When I bought my macro lens last fall, I was excited about the prospect of using it at the weekly spring/summer bird banding sessions where I work. This past Friday they were netting little birds left and right, and were a bit too busy for me to get in too close. Even still, I left with a good collection of photos and reference material for drawings or other work. I'll probably attend a few more times, before summer comes and many of the rarer, more colourful catches move further north to nest.

I have deep respect for pro nature photographers, and their unending patience ­ especially for these tiny songbirds. These birds were all (temporarily) captive, held either by the feet or in harmless (trust me) fist-grips, and yet they still fluttered, juked and shook in and out of focus.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Must be awesome to have something so small, fragile but tough in one's hand... not to mention distinguishing one from another. Interesting photos.

Sam said...

God, I love birds. Love them.

Jeope said...

You're preaching to the converted here, Sam.

devon spec said...

what about the common robin red breast????