June 28, 2009

198: Portrait Of Roy, G. And Biv

I forgot about this one – the first illustration from my May Day drawing binge that I took further, in terms of post-processing, in June. Based from a photo taken of myself and friends Karla and Kirsty at a hotel room party during the GDC National AGM, the original illustration was a two-tone pen and marker number. Once scanned, the brown ink was desaturated in favour of shades of grey, and colour and texture were added to further differentiate the three figures. The paper texture was a freebie download made available at BittBox. A better look at the detail can be had, right here.


James said...

I didn't get through the month drawing something everyday.


I'm marking May down for next year as something I must achieve.

My other goal is to talk like a pirate all day on September 19th, which coincidentally is International talk like a pirate day.

I really like this sketch and your lemur sketch keep'em coming.

ROYGBIV Forever!

davin said...

Saw those GDC bags you designed... very nice.

Jeope said...

Thanks James!

(And Davin.)