November 21, 2009

Big Pancake

I've never been much of an activist. But when Big Pancake came to me with their sights set square on this humble photo of Kerry's family-recipe miniature pancakes
* – I saw it as a call to arms.

I talked here once about people trolling Flickr for free imagery in exchange for exposure and a photo credit. To Big Pancake's credit, it was not how they approached me earlier in the fall (to be honest, they didn't approach me at all; rather, it was an agency out of the U.S.). The ask was up-front and professional in nature – stating their interest, the end use and asking straight-up what it would cost.

Through some research and negotiation – and with the cook's permission (hesitant, but she did appreciate their tag line: pancake lovers unite) – I ultimately caved in to Big Pancake, and accepted their big pancakey cheque in the mail last week. You can now find an agency-modified version of the photo serving as the current background image for Bisquick's online kingdom (the best view can be had at the very bottom of the page). And I can safely say this is the strangest thing to have happened to me in a long time.

* I would like to stress that no Bisquick was involved in the making of the above miniature pancakes.


Mark Kruk said...

Nice cakes you got there. I'll have to start uploading random photo goodness to flickr. I'll be a bazillionaire. No one seems to want to buy pictures of my kids. :-)

Jeope said...

Yeah, kids are dicey. The big companies won't touch 'em. Pancakes, definitely, is the way to go.