March 20, 2011

Got Six Minutes And Forty Seconds To Spare?

Then check out this slice of goings-on at GDC Manitoba's most recent PechaKucha Night at the Park Theatre, featuring myself and 365-photo cohort Karen as we dissect our year of photo-journaling in lightning-fast fashion. I was nervous as a mutha, and had no idea my voice was so high. In hindsight, I would do it again in a snap. It's an absolute rush.

The next event goes down in June. If you have any sort of creative bent whatsoever, and have a story to tell, I strongly advise you to try this event out, as a speaker or spectator.

Meanwhile, Kerry is hands-down,
the most creative person in this household. A single Saturday class in needle-felting has resulted in a gush of fuzzy creations popping up around the place like... like...

mushroom! mushroom!
...well, like
something. I just can't think of exactly what.

As such, I decided to take my own creative leanings outside. Facing a rare above-zero Sunday in mid-February, I sculpted this hale fellow in the front yard. But one month later he began to show the onset of spring in these parts, slowly wasting away to an avant-garde piece of modern art that I couldn't create if I tried. But sad news to report: his head was officially offed yesterday afternoon while we were out muchly enjoying Baraka Pita and a matinée screening of The Illusionist (my stars, a beautiful-looking thing).


Melissa said...

I love the felted goodies!

Allan Lorde said...

Baraka Pita is terrific. I went there a few weeks ago.

Jeope said...

And now she can't be stopped either! A squirrel is in the works.

devon spec said...

my friend makes those little thingies, she makes doggies! they are super time consuming and awesome. oh, and the photo thing was pretty ok too.