March 21, 2011

Modern Man

meeting doodle
Exhibit A: the Monday morning meeting doodle.

I read books, and magazines. I unfold, scan, and re-fold highway maps. I look in the phone book. I call Tele-Bus. I record 30 Rock with a VCR. I take photos with a camera. I go outside to play. I sketch first with a pencil, then use a pen. I spend most of my days in InDesign. I've never owned a cell phone. Or smart phone. Or whatever they're called. But so far as I know, I think I nailed the essence of them here, in all of 30 seconds it took me to ink this sucker out...

Without using a pencil first. Oops.


Melissa said...

You do NOT use a VCR. Do you???

Jeope said...

How did I know you'd pipe up here! Yes, we own a VCR. And an 11-year-old TV about the size of a toaster.