November 06, 2011

252: Hybridized

hybrid animals 2
In an attempt to even draw a little bit these days, I signed up to make an appearance with my friend Mary's Doodle Swap Project, which previously I'd only done once before... wait, no – twice.

So yes, I joined in, tasked with producing seven small cards to be sent out across the universe, in exchange for seven in return, from various locations within the same universe (one keener had already arrived before mine even hit the post office).

I realize I'm cheating a bit by resorting to found art for half the concept, but during our trip in Chicago we popped into a paper/craft store and I stumbled on a whole bucket of 90-cent old-timey bird identification flashcards. And I knew then what I had to do.

I had to draw fish heads on them.

hybrid animals 1
Shown here are six of the seven. I'd show the seventh one, but really, the gist is here. You'll have to trust me in that the seventh was of a bird, with a fish head.

I believe it was a rainbow trout.


ksavage said...

Truly, awesome, good-looking doodles, Jeope! Glad you played. The concept is hot! fishheads heh

Ariel Gordon said...

I like! I like! (Can I commission a fish-bird?)

Jeope said...

I would, except I'm all out of bird cards!