September 08, 2009

209: I Doodled...Again

This past week, I enlisted in another doodle swap, an insider circuit of mostly-American graphic designers partaking in the ever-popular hobby of creating artist trading cards (ATCs, for hipsters in the know) – 2.5"-by-3.5" non-digital artworks mailed back and forth between game participants. My first-ever swap was documented earlier in the year.

This time, I ditched the randomness and stuck to a theme – that of, well, birds with glasses. Six of the even dozen I created are here; the full set can be viewed on my Flickr photostream. These pieces were all sketched lightly in pencil on pre-cut Strathmore watercolour cards, overlaid with light, one-tone washes, then inked up nice with both fine-nib and calligraphic-nib pens. Shadows were then quickly accented with a light grey marker. All told, each entry took between 15-25 minutes to complete.


Michelle said...

Got your doodle last week! LOVE IT!!! Been busy, but hope to post pics of all the doodles I've received, and one's I've made, soon. :D
Thanks for doodling!

Jeope said...

Thank you Michelle; yours just arrived in the mail today – it is quite amazing as well!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

These are GREAT! Thanks for sharing.