May 02, 2005

16: White & Black

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This is my nipplish-looking pilates ball. I don't exercise on it, but it is super-comfortable to sit on while I eat cereal and watch television. The ball's spiral construction combined with sunlight filtering through the blinds make for a cool effect.

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Kerry at Grand Beach, April 16. Yeah, she looks upset. I can't remember what was going on but trust me, all was well. It was our first day out of the city since the fall. I like that the shoreline looks like a fish-eyed horizon – kind of a trick on the eye. Ice on the lake was just starting to break up, which makes a creepy chandelier-in-a-breeze sort of noise.

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Same day. Kerry's holding a willow branch like a rat's tail. We was just goofin' around.

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Stop sign two kilometers from work, April 20
. I took my bike for a ride at lunch that day, to the artesian spring that feeds the marsh. You can see for miles out there, and it was absolutely quiet except for a meadowlark I scared off this sign. A typical prairie scene.

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Toy robot/graffiti. I got this wind-up robot (left) at a local German butcher shop. It was in their window and I bought it for Kerry along with a metal wind-up penguin. Like the pilates ball, I was just taking advantage of the light. This bit of graffiti (right) is on the wall of a car dealership across from my old high school.


Princesa de Chocolate said...

Were you inpired by Howiezine Vol.3? .... teeheee! I like the Kerry upset one... a lot of emotion there! Now my only question is what did YOU do to upset her?

~ Just kidding Jeope! ~

Anonymous said...

i was scratching my face!


Dave said...

Ok, Joepe, time to switch to photobucket or something, suddenly imageshack is blocked at work! >:-(


lew! said...

allright jeope
is there any art stuff you're not good at?

yer makin me look bad.
you need to start packing for your house - so you're less productive!

but seriously once again - great stuff!
you have quite an eye for the arts.

my blog hasn't changed since ST. Pats - what a slacker i am.

Anonymous said...

Ok thought I'd post on your blog. I tried to post on chocolate princess but I have to register and all that red tape mumbo jumbo and no doubt she'll sell it to corporate mongers whole then spam me with all kinds of junk mail about flow-bee's and viagra....Ok I am just too lazy...I know Lun...oops...I mean chocalate princess wouldn't do that.

So I guess these blogs are here to stay?

I'll try to check back now and then.


Anonymous said...

Ok yes another post, sorry don't mean to dominate this active thread. (Is there a sarcasm tag?) I just noticed a spelling error. Oh well.

Boy I am really procrastinating now. Should be working but I don't feel like it.


Dave said...

Now I'm home and can see 'em. If you look at just the bottom 2/3 of the graffiti, it looks like Mr. Happy Pants!


shannon said...

you even take great photos! Keep sharing, I look forward to it!

devon said...

i love all these. haha. nipple ball. nipple is such a wierd word.

and, oh yeah, there were LOTS of new world order shirts at the monster truck show!! ;)

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures...did you take those yourself? the stop sign pic is phenomenal!!!

spikeT said...