May 16, 2005

18: Nourishment By/For Jeope

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If the adage "you are what you eat" holds true, then a large part of me is a ham-and-cheese sandwich. I make these bad boys so often for lunch that I'm ridiculed at home for my predictability and despised at work for the aroma that comes from the toaster oven most lunch-hours.

To my credit though, my concoctions are no mere ham-and-cheese blandwiches. If I'm not starting with one of Winnipeg's most famous exports – the loaf of rye bread – I'm building my lunchtime masterpiece with big, thick slices of bakery-fresh goodness. Then a thin smear of pesto. Then the ham. The honey maple ham from the supermarket works best for this hombre, but sometimes it's black forest ham or even (gasp!) chicken or turkey.

Next comes slices of tomato. Thin slices. Romas are a personal favourite. Then comes a smattering of red onion slices, shaved off the veggie so thin they're barely visible.

At last, the coup de gras: cheeeeeeeese. Rarely is our fridge without a hunk of jalapeƱo-flecked havarti, customarily found in the 'cheese ends' bin – a dairy-department wasteland for any package of cheese not in a convenient brick format.

Squish contents together, and stuff in a lunch bag. A few minutes in the toaster brings it to life. Et voila! Call it Jeope's nourishment, two to three times a week.


beth said...

yes- this is it! each week, i always tend to favor one illo more than all the others. one sticks out as the best concept, well executed and contains all the little color & texture details that i love. and this is it! you have won the "beth award" for best illustration friday entry. :)

Robyn said...

Coincidentally I had a toasted ham and cheese sandwich today from the canteen at the school where I teach. It bore no resemblance to your wonderous concoction. Personally, I could do without the onion but the rest looks scrummy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustration, and it looks very good. yum.


Anonymous said...

I can attest to the delish odour of these beauties...I am just glad the toaster oven is FAAARRRR away from my desk!

Jeope, I think you should make us all sandwiches one day. Let us partake in the yumminess!


lew! said...

is that yer contribution to the howie cookbook?
sounds mighty tastey sans the rye.
Maybe a hearty wheat for me. i like the pesto idea as well. And i have never had this havarti cheese.
Perhaps my next trip for groceries will include a few new ingredients. I am so sick of turkey right now.

Jeope said...

This isn't the cookbook concept I had thought of, but since it's already done I could just stick it on the back. Kerry and I have sumthin' grander for that cookbook, if and when it gets underway.

Rebeccashane said...

wow.. thats one mean sandwich! Nice instructions :O)

Anonymous said...

Another good use for flavoured Havarti "ends" is melted into a sauce for pasta...add leftover seafood or thawed shrimp ring and it's quite decadent. ps whattare ya doin' eating onion???---Deenie

devon said...

jeope, NOW I"M HUNGRY. thanks a lot!

great illustration! makes me hungry for carbs.... now i have to go get a bagel. :)

Mary said...

I always like my receipes to have pictures... without pictures I would have no clue (my mom gives me cookbooks and makes sure they have lots of pretty pictures). But, of course, I think the sandwich thing I could handle. Your illustration is so much fun!

dsign-nightmare (Tanya) said...

Is that for the cookbook? looks gorgeous!