May 01, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

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I rarely go to see movies I know very little about. I can't help it. I peruse the Internet Movie Database pretty much daily. Check out Apple's movie trailer site. I pick up Premiere at the bookstore and just generally hear about stuff.

But my buddy Dwight and I checked out Kung Fu Hustle yesterday afternoon. I only knew it was touted as being bizarre, funny and original. I heard comparisons to the Roadrunner and Coyote or The Three Stooges, mixed in with classic kung fu fare. And that it was very, very fun.

Which it was. I cannot remember the last movie that left my mouth open the entire time. This is a movie that Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) could've made. Stellar effects. Consistently outrageous. Silly and fun. The only thing I can compare it to (as I told Dwight) is The Story Of Ricky – a similar, yet unintentionally hilarious, kung fu flick with an Evil Dead budget (although hard to find). I highly recommend both movies for anyone looking to reconnect with their inner six-year-old. Righteous!


jk said...

i gotta see that one. it looks like fun.

did you see it with a dwight of the toupin variety?

Jeope said...

Yessir. We hadn't actually seen each other in a few months.

The movie is great. There's an opening dance sequence - if you can believe it - that keeps cracking me up.

Allan L. said...

Yo...we gotta hang. I'm almost free!