May 08, 2005

17: Ookpik

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I was looking to create a new avatar for my posts on HOW magazine's online forums, and thought I'd go about building one in FreeHand. This is an ookpik (an Inuit-themed owl sculpture) I gave to Kerry, an object that would translate easily into a small, vector-based graphic. I took a photo of it (top left) and plopped the JPEG right into FreeHand as a background layer that I could draw over. I then traced all of the elements needed to build the eyes and beak (top right) and filled them each with contour-based gradients, tinkering with the colour and details to make them at least pseudo-realistic. The body and ear tufts were basic shapes (above left), and a whole slew of circles were added to mimic the ookpik's pock-mark wing patterns. There's a dash of Photoshop at the end (above right) to add some texture and tweak the shadows. It's a bit clunky at full size, but as an avatar I like it.


devon said...

i love it! very cute.

so.... when is it going on the forum?! far as i can see, yur still a t-can sam! :)

shannon said...

awwww! He is so cute! I can see him bouncing all around.

Matt said...

It's like I kind of said in the Crush thread. It reminds me of that old 80s commercial with the "Give a hoot, Don't pollute" owl.

Nice job.

Vonster said...


That looks like a form of pottery sculpture my mom would have owned. Very good use of FreeHand. Nice to see another fellow creative FreeHand user, we are the last of mohicans now.