March 13, 2006

New Additions

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It's March, so I'm finally getting around to finishing up Kerry's birthday presents from November. This screen-print (above left) I bought for her in the fall because she laughed hard after seeing it at the Cream Gallery's Love 2005 exhibit last Valentine's Day. It's called Always Swim With A Buddy, by Daryl Vocat – and the print and frame (added just this past weekend) measure about three feet square. Kerry likes laughing at underpants, namely a scene in The Royal Tenenbaums with a framed sketch of tighty-whities on the wall – and scenes in Spongebob Squarepants where he's walking around in his skivvies. It's our centrepiece now, right above the puffy red couch.

This salmon-coloured critter (above right) isn't a birthday present, just a total impulse buy. I remember seeing these UglyDolls on the net once, and promptly forgot about them – until we saw this thing in a shop-window in Osborne Village after drinks with co-workers Friday night. Maybe it was the booze, but we now have the fortune of sleeping with it nightly. Nah, we like it ("It's got thumbs", Kerry giggles).


Melissa said...

I have an Ugly Doll too! His name is Babo. Babo means "stupid" in korean. He's so cuddly though, and resides in our bed too. I was out in NYC the other day and found a store that sold Ugly Doll t-shirts. I probably would have bought one if they had a Babo.

That's a pretty neato print! I want a photo of your whole room, so I can see how it looks above the puffy red couch.

Dave said...

What did that guy do in his underpants? Ew. I'd be happy he wasn't in the pool with me...


Jeope said...

Real mature, wisenhiemer! You're just jealous this isn't up on your wall and having to explain it to your kid!

lew! said...

My mom got Minimum Wage in her stocking for X-mas. It was a poke at her unemployed state at the time from my step-dad. (they have a great sense of humor about stuff!)

i was thinking of getting vinyl one for my desk, since i have no toys on my desk.

So do you get kerry gifts for multiple months? or do you just wait until you see propper gift items?

Allan L. said...

I dug that screenprint, too! That was one nutty exhibit. I like the work of that guy that does the naughty decoupage.