March 02, 2006


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I'm having a rough go of it at work of late. I'm currently working on what is both the most frustrating and potentially most rewarding project in my time spent there, but as it stands now, it's leaning heavily towards the former. The details I'll spare, but it's wearing me down to the point that I was even sick for a few days recently.

And just before I skew this blog dangerously towards the stereotypical (stats show nine out of ten blogs are about either cats, high school enemies or bitching-about-work), I'll veer sharply and reveal what I believe to be the true root cause of the problem: Taco the turtle.

Taco the spiny soft-shelled turtle – the cutest, friendliest and most awesomest resident of the interpretive centre where I work – died earlier this winter. Taco lived in an aquarium in the large exhibit hall at the opposite end of the building when I first showed up in 1998 and has been there through thick and thin ever since. Whenever I became consumed with stress, creative block or frustration, I'd go see Taco. His skinny pig-nose and flapping flippers never failed to shake whatever low mood I was in, and within minutes – or some cases, seconds – I'd head back to the desk and be ready to go again.

I guess I was on a roll through most of the winter. I hadn't seen Taco in weeks before I dropped by for a visit near Christmas, to find the tank empty. There's a little painted turtle in it now, but he/she's just not cutting it.


Melissa said...

Poor Taco!! That made me teary. I hope you find another way to make it through this huge project without exploding.

Hmm, but you have now reminded me...I have never discussed my high school enemies in my blog! Gotta get on that one. I'm also too afraid to bitch about work so publicly, and I don't have a cat.

Mary said...

Awwwww... that IS SAD! Taco will be happy in turtle heaven knowing he is so missed!

And you should give the new girl a chance to impress you with her cute turtle-ness. Taco obviously had some tough shoes to fill, but.... maybe she can do it!

lew! said...

sorry to hear aboot Taco Jeope.

but give the painted turtle a chance. They're colourful! And the state reptile of my home state Michigan!

i'm sure your current stress will be worth it in the end!

like how i tried to spell stuff all Canadian? ;P

A Little Hut said...

Awww sorry about Taco and your troubles at work! Hopefully it will pass soon pronto. Cyber good vibes your way!

devon said...

whatever dude. my cats are my life... and they belong on my blog. ;)

aww.... taco is so cute... :(

devon said...

upon further inspection...HE LOOKS LIKE HE"S GIVING THE THUMBS UP SIGN! LOL!!!

Super_Squirrel said...

Awww - Taco was SO cute! I've never seen a turtle like that before. Im so sorry to hear that he passed.

I am fortunate enough to work in a place where we have an awesome 3-legged dog. When my day is rough, his sweet, gimpy ass always makes me smile.

Chin up, Jeope, you'll get through this!!