May 19, 2006

Taking The High Road

I'm beginning to send photographs (current or otherwise) to Photo Friday for their weekly themes, should any relate. Unless they do happen to be current – like, the week-of current – they will not count towards my weekly artistic endeavour goals. But I thought it would be interesting to scour the archives now and then for past images that I enjoy, like this panoramic from Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland taken in June 2002. Gros Morne remains the single most beautiful place that I have been to in my life, a wondrous hodgepodge of bizarre, forbidding and majestic landscapes with equally suited weather.

This image is a composite of four individual photos, seamed together in Photoshop (some fuzziness still shows; I've gotten better since), taken with my old Pentax point n' shoot. Because of its horizontal dimensions, a glimpse at a larger version can be seen here. Photo Friday's theme of the week is the road.

I've also joined a similar site, a sidekick of SugarFrostedGoodness! called – appropriately enough – SugarFrostedPhotos. Still in its early stages, it's already pretty stocked with some fine work. You can check its progress here.


tetsu said...

Beautiful B/W shot! :-)

Holly said...

This is really beautiful. The hills looks all misty and soft. Great work.

Dave said...

I'm going to stick hot needles in your eyes when I see you. Stop making me feel like such a slouch!

;-) Nice stuff.


Jeope said...

But that was the 2002 me – and lemme tell you, that guy was an overachieving prick!

Mary said...

That really is an awesome shot! You make me want to take more photos and less snapshots. OOOhhh,to only have the time!

albina said...

Fabulous photo of the enchanted place! Love the hippos as well.