May 03, 2006

May Day!

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I'm taking time away to build submissions for the next HOWieZine (theme: lost toys), but picking up the blogging slack in this household is Kerry – who recently signed on to a month-long, poem-a-day challenge with seven other writers at a team blog appropriately titled May Day. Take some time to check out the daily posts. This is Kerry's first entry, titled sunday-sad (truer words have not been spoken; last Sunday was a total wet-n'-icky letdown).

it isn't raining

but it has
rained and will
rain, you read it
in the grey lines
between whites
of the blind --
the same story
every time
you open your eyes

you feel rain turning
the hike to mud,
drowning hotdog buns

you hear rain
in your own voice
go back to sleep,
taste it in the laundry,
groceries, a day
of closed windows
swallowed before you
have even left the bed

but a chin scuffs
your shoulder, a palm
softens your nipples
and your neck
is wetted with
the words next weekend

you let go of the day
you'd wanted

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Dave said...

Dude, do I want to shake your hand?!