July 07, 2006

72: Waterbabies

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The folks over at Photo Friday have, suitably enough, offered up a weekly theme of summer. And summer was no more apparent last weekend at the lake as we celebrated Canada Day. Above and below are a couple of my favourite pictures from the lake in summer. The first is Kerry at the base of the swimmers' pier taken just last Saturday, a calm and muggy day where the grey/beige lake and a blanched sky merged with a near-invisible horizon. Below is a photo taken a couple of summers ago of Kerry's nephew at a beach a few kilometres north. In both images I was fascinated by the subject's sense of calm and isolation while being dwarfed by a giant expanse of sky.

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Allan L. said...

Those shots are seriously good, man. Especially the top.

rottentuna.com said...

agreed, the image of kerry's pretty incredible.
wondering what's passing through her mind as she's about to emerge in that expanse of stillness.
well done buddy!

devon said...

you make me sick.. in a good way. ;)

paula said...

Love these photos, J. They inspire me to get out there and get some summer shots before summer's gone.