April 17, 2006

61: Zero To Sixty In Three Pushes

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Having not submitted to PhotoFortnight in awhile, I promised myself to create something for their latest theme of transport. With the snow gone and the bike out of the basement, I figured it was as good an opportunity as any to try to capture some biking shots. For a number of reasons this goal didn't pan out save for a single moment when I had the bike and camera handy at the same time, during a dreary lunch-hour at work last week when I attempted some in-motion shots. Maybe not the wisest idea, keeping an eye on the road and the viewfinder simultaneously, I took a couple pictures (above) – and scrapped the concept.

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Then on Saturday during a glorious long weekend, Kerry and I went to Bird's Hill Park just outside Winnipeg to see what's what in the country. We hung out at a swing set and I took several shots of what has become an annual ritual of mine: taking a photo of Kerry on the swings. I ended up submitting this picture (above) to PhotoFortnight for the theme, using a defence that the swing transports her in the immediate sense, but also back in time.

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But in hindsight, this outtake from the same shoot (above) is probably a better image. I liked my official submission because of her nonchalant pose and that it had no point of reference – she could be a foot or a mile off the ground – but looking at this second photo, there's probably something to being able to see the whole story. That's hindsight for you, though.


Ekota (kgiff) said...

Every time I see your photos, it makes me want to get out the camera and play. Fabulous as always!

Mary said...

Those are so cool on the swing! I love swings...