January 10, 2008

Twenty Ought Seven

I've been a little slack in wrapping up the year on Jeopopolis – something to do with a certain marriage to a certain somebody – but now, above, is my third year-end collection of self-directed projects that, as I've mentioned previously, would never have been possible without sitting down and telling myself in the first place to get off my duff and create more. I forget sometimes about the beginnings of this place, created from the murkiness of a deep creative funk I had worked myself into a few years ago.

But over the course of 2007 I also found myself taking mild to heavy advantage of this blog's original goal (that to create something – anything – once a week). You may not have sensed it, but I have, quietly. Sometimes, life creeps in and steals away time that would previously have been spent with my efforts here. That's to be expected. But I need to steel myself and do even more, especially in the sketchbook. I do draw more than before this blog existed, however, the end product of all my drawing made it here to be posted. And, if you look at the grid above, there's perhaps a dozen illustrations or less – my entire drawing output for the year. So, while I don't necessarily set goals for myself often, one will be to sketch more. Not illustrate, but sketch.

There. I said it. Kinda cathartic, really. Now I need my butt kicked (Kerry said she'd do it, right in her wedding vows – no foolin'). Feel free to e-kick it, whenever I go a ways and don't show any sketches.

Click here, for access to a better look at the montage.


Melissa said...

Personally, I think goals are overrated. But I'll kick yer "virtual" butt if necessary. Thinking selfishly, I need you to post your sketches/illustrations because I crave the eye candy.

kgiff said...

You blog is one of my sources of inspiration. What you do post is always so well done and so inspiring.

Ian said...

Go Jeope,.. Go Jeope,.. Go Jeope...

Imagine I just sang and danced that like some deranged adolescent teenage cheerleader.

Dude, you are one of the top 5 blogs I point to when I wanna show how blogs rawk. You just have to keep it up!!

patricia said...

I've always enjoyed your work. What makes it even nicer to visit your blog is that every image has some great story behind it.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it, you don't really need all that much butt-kicking! Always something inspirational to be found here - thanks!

Jeope said...

Thanks, you guys – this was very nice to read.

Stephanie said...

I totally understand what you're saying here - I have a mental block about just plain sketching these days, it just always feels more productive to be working on a "real" project but ya just really need to do both. That's where you can explore and experiment and work things out subconsciously and find great ideas out of nowhere.

To that end I've made Ill. Fri. my personal goal for this year. Right now I'm trying to just work faster but i wouldn't be upset if it mutates into more of a sketchbook thing as the year wears on. The point is I need something to give me the necessary mental "excuse" to do some drawings that don't have any ulterior purpose than to have fun drawing.

BTW, the work you've posted is great, so whatever you're doing is working!

Luke in Progress said...

I can certainly respect the personal sketch goal.
A blog can be a great little voice in the back of your head at times.
I'll be stoked to see the tastey visual output of your labour.